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About Us

We are a wholesale tree nursery located in Homestead, FL servicing South Florida and the Islands. With over 20 years of experience, we have perfected our method to meet our clientele needs. Come check out the field today!

Featured Trees
Monthly Special

Areca Palm

16-18 FT OA

$100 Each

Cattley Guava Tree

7 GAL | 2-3 FT Bush | $15 Each

15 GAL | 4-5 FT Bush | $30 Each

Sylvester Dactilyfera Hybrid Palm

7-12 FT CT 

$50 per FT CT

Guava 25Gal

Guava 7 Gal

Guava 25 Gal

Guava 15 Gal


Sylvester Dactilyfera Hybrid

Areca 4.JPG


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