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A family business through and through!

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Our Founders


Martin and Mirta fled Communist Cuba separately in the mid 60's in search of a better life. They found each other in Miami, FL in 1967 and married shortly after. Martin was a dump truck driver with a few of his brothers and long time friends. During his time on the job he found his passion for farming could be an avenue of success. He convinced Mirta to let him start his seedlings in their front yard! With each others support, they bought their first plot in 1992 in Homestead, FL just before Hurricane Andrew. They had found their American Dream. Martin worked everyday in the fields from that moment on. Martin passed away in 2019 but the family is ever committed to keeping his spirit alive through the business he started with his own two hands. 

Our Mission

Delivering quality trees with excellent service. That's our guarantee. 

Giving Back

Martin, or as he was affectionately known to his grandchildren, "Pipo" was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in 2012. Palm trees he knew like the back of his hand, from seed to field, blurred from his mind along with the names of his family. As we personally know how devastating this disease can be not only for the victims but the care givers, the company volunteers and participates in several Alzheimer's Association events throughout the year. For more information, or ways on how you can give back. Follow the Alzheimer's Association link below.

Meet the Team
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Mercedes Cantillo | Field Manager


Mercedes joined the company in 2006. Under her father's wing, she learned what it took to run the field and built connections with vendors, clients and colleagues. Those closest to her will credit her with incredible drive and warm demeanor. You can find her most days of the week in the fields with her team.

Salazars Family_-32.jpg

Frances Salazar | Office Manager


Frances has worked in the office since 2001. Working side by side with Mirta, she has kept track and fulfilled financials for the company even prior to her tenure. If you have a question, you can always reach out to her for a speedy response. 

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